Monday, December 3, 2012


holiday cookies / kinfolk

Despite issuing myself a cliché "no sugar, no processed food, no junk, etc. etc. etc." challenge last week,  I failed as soon as friday evening came around. First it was a peppermint mocha at Starbucks ( Jenny, aren't you a coffee snob? I know, I know.). Then there was a plate of fast food from a place that shall not be named (but it involves "chinese" food). And finally, the nail in the coffin so to speak, was the deliciously processed sugar cookies that I bought last night. Lo and behold, I have a migraine today. But as I have recently talked about failures, I'm just going to move on and start anew this week and try (and hope) for the best. 

I received the new Kinfolk today and I'm excited to open it up (here's your obligatory, I just received Kinfolk photo. These things are all over instagram, I swear). I know that I'm not the first one to say this, but Kinfolk is a damn good magazine. It makes me feel so artisanal, intelligent, and crafty... like I could go in the woods, contemplate my existence, gather some wood, turn said wood into a cheese board, and serve my beautiful homemade cheese and jams on it. I may sound like I'm mocking the whole premise of the magazine, but with all honesty, I completely love it and always look forward to each new issue. 

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