Friday, February 7, 2014


Two friday roundups and no other posts in between? Yeah, I know. I actually have the legitimate excuse that it has been a very, very long week. Monday morning started with an awful head cold, and when I woke up finally able to breathe out of my nose on Wednesday morning, I also woke up to no electricity. The lovely ice storm that hit the northeast on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning left us folks in Central PA with downed trees and power lines, and therefore, no power. Being that it was less than 30 degrees outside, my dude and I had to decide what time we give up on getting our power back and try to find a hotel before they were all booked up by the 50,000 other people in our county (yes, county) who had no power. Luckily we got a room, and it's good that we did because we didn't end up with power back until 3:30 pm on Thursday. Which brings me to today, when I have never been so thankful for heat and power, and I just want to look at at happy pretty things. So here are some of those aforementioned happy pretty things.

The new Ace & Jig collection is basically all I want to wear this spring. Send it all my way please.

A new, very Sea Change-y, song from Beck. I approve. 

This piece by Bruce Yan definitely made me smile when I saw it on my tumblr dashboard the other day. Anything Miyazaki related totally wins me over.

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