Friday, January 31, 2014


Apparently this beautiful home made its way to the internet last fall, but I'm just now stumbling upon it. It's a little industrial for my taste, but the bright, open rooms, white furnishings, and greenery are all right up my alley.

Miss Moss now has a tumblr, Mrs Vrs, that is chock full of fashiony goodness. Diana has such an amazing eye for style that I find myself clicking those little tumblr hearts on every single post.

Even though I fear that this is a blog that is slowly becoming dedicated solely to Annie Clark, I couldn't help but post the new St. Vincent music video for the first single from her forthcoming self-titled album. The David Byrne influence seems to be even more emphasized in this video with its geometric shapes, bold colors, and structured costumes. Have I mentioned how excited I am for the new album?

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