Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been silent for a bit. Partially on purpose, partially because I'm a little distracted, but mostly because I'm a wee bit on the lazy side lately. Winter needs to end, that's all I have to say. Either way, good music has been coming out so let's get to that. Between the upcoming release from Rhye and a new track by James Blake, there's some seriously smooth jams coming out guys. I never thought that I would write that sentence, but I have become quite fond of the smooth as of late. 


Rhye's debut album Woman comes out next week, and is currently streaming on Pitchfork. I will definitely be putting this one on repeat for weeks to come. 


James Blake blew most of our minds a couple of years ago, and has come back to prove that he is still 100% awesome with "Retrograde."

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