Thursday, January 23, 2014


Carrie Brownstein's amazing bungalow in Portland is a dream. Yes, it's very "Portlandia-y" but, ya know, she lives in Portland. All of the vintage mid-century furniture and all of that vinyl have me swooning hard. (via Elle

Homes like this one really makes me wish I lived in Southern California. It doesn't hurt that we are currently living in an icy tundra and I can just tell by all of the sunlight pouring in through the windows in this house that it's nice and warm. God, I can't wait until summer. (via remodelista)

Joaquin Phoenix gave a very, uhhh, interesting interview on Fresh Air this week. Terry Gross is a trooper though and made it through the somewhat difficult interview relatively unfazed/seemed to enjoy herself. That Joaquin is a difficult one, but I still love him. I definitely don't think that I would approach him if I saw him on the street though. (via npr)

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