Friday, November 15, 2013


Time to bring back this ol' weekly post. Here are some things that made my week.

Vincent Kartheiser may play the obnoxious Pete Campbell on Mad Men, but the dude has a seriously amazing house. In the most recent issue of Dwell, they show his tiny Hollywood cabin in all of its glory. It's only 580-square-feet, but he uses the space so well. It definitely has a minimalist-yet-cozy feel to it. The drop down bed is brilliant and the outdoor space is so peaceful and beautiful. I would like somebody to build me an exact replica of this house, please.

I'm totally digging these backpacks from a new company called MIJLO who wants to create a better backpack through good materials and a simple design.

And of course, how can I not mention the new Wes Anderson Commercial for Prada? The man does no wrong. Also, Jason Schwartzman should be in everything.

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