Friday, November 8, 2013


one / two (and tongs) / three / four / five / six

I never used to be that into the idea of having my own beautiful kitchen. What changed? Well, I became an adult who started cooking for herself in crappy apartment kitchens. They're small and cramped and you have to strategically maneuver simultaneously opening the oven and opening a cabinet. Now all that I can think about when I think of moving into some magical future home is creating my ideal kitchen. I'd happily take any of the above kitchens. 

I love the contrast between the white upper and darker lower cabinets in the first and last kitchens (and the white subway tile). I never thought I'd be so into dark cabinets but kitchen number two is AMAZING. I don't know why I love it so much but it just looks so damn inviting. I'd like to think that if that kitchen were mine, I'd be magically transformed into Ina Garten, cooking delicious meal after delicious meal. 

Of course, if i'm going to have a dream kitchen, I'm also going to need some perfect tools and dishes to go with it. You'll notice that the majority of the items are from Heath Ceramics. Heath is obviously a dream factory because all of their pieces are perfection. So, who's going to build me my dream kitchen? 

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