Friday, August 23, 2013


Well, it only took me a few more weeks after that initial post to actually get it together and write a nice little update about what the heck is going on over here.

Well, it all started when we finally left Minnesota at the end of June (FINALLY). As you can tell, I was very excited. Don't get me wrong, Minnesota wasn't that bad, I actually loved Minneapolis, but we lived in St Cloud, which is about 65 miles north of Minneapolis, therefore just to enjoy the one good part of the area, we had to drive over an hour. Not exactly functional.

Coffee at our new favorite shop // Our dining room

Anyways, we made it to Pennsylvania on July 1st and moved into our new rental, a semi-detached house in a cute neighborhood in Lancaster. So far we're really liking our new city. There are *gasp* independent coffee shops here, and even better (prepare yourself) the coffee at our favorite place is REALLY GOOD. Like, one of the best coffee shops we've ever been too good. Yeah, I know, I was pretty excited.

City Hall // My beautiful flowers

Now here's where stuff gets crazy and the news gets even better. My dude and I got *secretly* engaged  (we told our parents and my best bud) back in April and a week after we moved to Lancaster, we took the train to New York and got married at City Hall! Yes, very exciting things are happening around these parts. We also got to spend a few days in NYC seeing friends, celebrating and eating a lot of good food, including a life altering meal at Locanda Verde where I had the most magical ragu of my life.

Walking around NY // An apparently very tired couple at MOMA

After we got back, we had to finish unpacking all of our stuff and adjusting to our new locale, while my husband (what? still so weird) started work. Things are finally settling down and, who knows, I might even have a job soon (fingers crossed). We have a couple of visitors coming over the next few weeks, including my aforementioned best bud, and then my parents the next weekend.

Coffee at La Colombe in Philly // More coffee at Elixr

Oh, and we visited Philadelphia for the first time last weekend, and just let me say, that I loved loved loved spending time in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Somebody please buy me a brownstone there, thanks.

Things have been incredibly busy, but incredibly good. Hope all is well with everyone else out there!

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