Saturday, June 1, 2013


Maybe it's the fact that I'm preparing to move, or the light traveling that I've been doing (that sounds glamourous, but I've actually only been on a quick trip to visit the new city that we're moving to, and we're currently preparing for a short trip to visit my dude's mom and my parents. Glamourous, no?) or the fact that I hate packing so much that I have a crippling sense of dread that consumes my every thought. hahaha no no, that would be weird to be so stressed about moving, right? ahem. But really, I've just been lacking in inspiration on top of everything else. It's somewhere deep inside that spongey brain of mine, but I have a feeling that it won't rear its beautiful head until after the move when I can let out one long breath that says "oh-thank-the-dear-sweet-lord-that-we-don't-live-in-Saint-Cloud-anymore." But, without further ado, a few things that have managed to catch my attention in my moving stress-induced coma. 

Cassandra Karinsky's enviable light-filled home on The Design Files

All of the things at Steven Alan

I tried not to like it, but I do. 

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