Wednesday, April 3, 2013



I know you're going to think two things the moment that you see this post: 1. "Really Jenny, spring clothes again? Get over it," and, 2. "Stop posting so much damn stuff from Steven Alan. We get it. You love that shop." Well, to all of you, I say "I do what I want." Yes, I may have a minor obsession with both spring clothing and Steven Alan. So sue me (Editor's note: don't sue me). All of these dresses look so damn breezy and effortless. The sandals would let my poor wool sock suffocated feet breathe, and give me an excuse to go get a pedicure. Even if it only reaches the measly 50s this weekend, I will find a way to wear a dress and sandals if it's the last thing I do (which, let's face it, it might be because I'll probably freeze to death). Bring it on weather. 

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