Monday, January 7, 2013


I feel like it's probably unnecessary to write one of these things, being a week late and all, that and the fact that I'm sure that I'm the only one interested in my resolutions. Yet, this is my blog, and therefore I will write them, partially as a reminder to myself and partially in hopes that somebody will keep me accountable. Anyhow, here it goes.

1. Get of my ass. Seriously, since moving to Snow World U.S.A., I have been sitting on my couch for more hours everyday than I would care to divulge. You would be horrified. Unsurprisingly, I have managed to put on a few more pounds than I'm comfortable with. A gym membership is in my future.

2. Cook more, eat better. As you can imagine, poor eating habits may have also contributed to said weight gain. I declare this the year of cooking.

3. Write on here more. I have this problem with consistency. I get grand ideas about how much writing I could do and new features that I could start, but I don't follow through. I'm working on it.

4. Read more. I swear, I used to read so much before I spent four years earning a degree in Literature. I think that it has been long enough since I graduated that I can now actually get back to my old reading habits.

5. Most of all, and I think a general theme for this whole list is just to do more, try harder, and to move forward. The last half of last year has me feeling a little stagnant and I'm ready to challenge myself.

Do you have any resolutions? Do you hate the whole concept of resolutions? Please, do share. 

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