Monday, January 14, 2013


I used to pride myself on being on top of new releases, but back in those days I was working at a record store and writing about music for my college online newspaper. Now I'm just happy if I can manage to listen to a whole album all the way through every few weeks. Much like those books that I have been neglecting, I plan to get back to my precious records and staying glued to Pitchfork (don't hate) to re-immerse myself in my first love. All of that being said, I still felt like I discovered some pretty great tunes last year, and instead of trying to decide which albums I loved the most, I thought it would be easier to focus on the best tracks of 2012.  

10. Dirty Projectors // Gun Has No Trigger

9. Tame Impala // Elephant

8. Sharon Van Etten // Magic Chords **NSFW**

7. How to Dress Well // Cold Nites

6. Father John Misty // Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

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