Thursday, October 31, 2013


Savages // Autre Ne Veut // Grimes // Foxygen // Haim

Look! Pictures from this year's Austin City Limits Festival (only about a month after it happened...)! This year was actually jam-packed with a lot of great bands, but I ended up missing out on a lot of them due to them playing late and, of course, crowds. The equation of ACL is: later in the day = more people. I just can't handle being crushed by a bunch of drunk kids when I've been out in the sun since 11 am. I just can't. That's why I was lucky that the bands that I was most looking forward to seeing were earlier in the day. 

Savages was everything I wanted them to be (incredibly intense), Autre Ne Veut brought all of the energy, Grimes was adorable & weird (I'm looking forward to seeing her develop has a performer because she still seems a little awkward on stage), Foxygen was even crazier this time than at SXSW (might have something to do with the pain pills that I'm pretty sure Sam France must be on for his leg), and Haim was really solid (and even more popular than I expected. the crowd was HUGE). 

All in all, it was just as magical as it has been every other year (this was my 7th!) and we already have tickets for next year. Oh Austin, I love you.

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