Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A recap of yet another trip to Austin. Can you tell that I escape from Minnesota as often as possible? As  you may have already guessed, it has been a rough year. Going from a city that I loved where I was working in my field (a feat in itself these days, as writing jobs are hard to come by) to a city that I'm less than thrilled about where I am feeling very adrift career-wise has been hard, but I know it's just one blip on a much larger path. Thank the dear sweet lord we are moving to the East Coast this summer, to a place that will hopefully offer a lot more culturally and give me somewhat of chance at finding a decent job. But back to Austin. The weather, even though it did manage to skyrocket up into the 90s, felt like pure perfection to me as my dry winter skin sopped up all of that beautiful Texas humidity. I drank enough coffee to fuel most human beings for a year, and ate more than my share of food. That kimchi ramen from East Side King at Hole in the Wall, made we wish that I could just have an ESK trailer in my backyard. The other images are of Zilker Park, which I rarely ever spend time at when not attending Austin City Limits, but we took my parents' dog out for jaunt with his fellow four-legged friends and I couldn't get enough of the sprawling green space after living in a wonderland of grey snowy slush for the past five months. 

The weather managed to get into the 70s this past weekend in Minnesota, and I was so happy that I wanted to cry and hug every person on the sunny Minneapolis streets on Saturday. Let's just hope it sticks. Edit: The high today is 44... sigh.

I hope the few of you that read this blog are well! Let's hope that May is the start to a great summer. 

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