Wednesday, September 5, 2012


spyhouse / magers & quinn / blackbird / pork bun / peanut noodles

I have to say that I definitely enjoyed my long weekend, which is probably evident by the fact that I didn't get back on here to post about it until today. Having just moved to Minnesota, we don't know much about our closest metropolis, Minneapolis, so we decided to get out and explore. On Saturday we found, I kid you not, our dream coffee shop. I always thought that Austin would hold my favorite cafe to laze at (I love you Houndstooth), but Spyhouse officially wins the award for best ambience. I could literally rhapsodize for days about how perfectly homey this place is, but I'll refrain. On top of being beautiful the coffee and confections were topnotch. Needless to say, I'll be back (I'd be there everyday if it weren't for the whole being 65 miles away thing). The rest of the day involved a badass bookstore, a great record store and a crazy good meal at Blackbird.

On next weekends agenda? A Rembrandt exhibit and copious amounts of espresso.

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